Review VICTORY ‘Gods of Tomorrow’

Victory that one of the most important rock and metal bands, hailing from Hannover, Germany. The band was formed in 1984 out of the band Fargo, which is active again too. The German metal veterans started very successful, and it was the sophomore album ‘Don’t Get Mad … Get Even’ that marked a breakthrough for the quintet. Victory released a few more well-crafted albums before things cooled off with band members starting new projects or joined other bands.

The band returned to the scene in 2003 and released ‘Instinct’ and ‘Don’t Talk Science’ two longplayers, the latter having been published in 2011. Line-up changes haunted the band, something that didn’t help when it comes to the release of a next studio album. One decade after ‘Don’t Talk Science’ has arrived at the record stores it is ‘Gods of Tomorrow’ that marks Victory’s eleventh longplayer.

Nowadays it’s German metal icon Herman Frank being the driving force behind Victory. With a totally renewed band, Frank started to work on the new album that features a 13 songs tracklist. An important factor of Victory’s sound was always a good singer. Charlie Huhn and Fernando Garcia enriched Victory’s songs for many years and fortunately Frank could find with Gianni Pontillo (The Order) a singer that fits perfectly and can compete with his predecessors.

Victory in 2021 stand for melodic metal with a solid rock spirit as an extra fuel. The band sticks to the trademarks that are known from the earlier days and songs like ‘Hold On to Me’ are pure rockers. Hooks, riff and a powerful beat makes it nearly impossible to not join the “Ohohoh”-chant being part of the track.

‘Love & Hate’ kicks-off the album and it’s a well-done choice to put this track into pole position. Never too soft and not too heavy either, the melodic stamper reflects an excellent first step into a rock’n’roll fueled album. One thing is apparent right away. Victory didn’t lose any of its power with the title track underlining the willpower of returning strongly. It feels like experience and unleashed power of youth units on ‘Gods of Tomorrow with excellently executed songs like ‘Into the Light’. ‘Mad’ reminds even of the earlier days of the German quintet. The slower pace and heavy riff make this darker kept tune to a treat on the album and in case you think that a song title like ‘Unconditional Love’ indicates the ballad you’re wrong. The song is kept a bit calmer that some of the denim & leather rockers on the album. It’s a more of a melodic rock songs rather than a ballad. It’s certainly the most mainstream-driven track on the album, surrounded by pulsating rock power like with ‘Rising Force’ and what could summarize the album better than the pounding anthem ‘In Rock We Trust’.

Victory, that is still a well-sounding name when it comes to metal from Germany. Although the band nowadays has not much in common with the glorious 80’s, at least when it comes to the line-up, Herman Frank and his gang managed to keep spirit and trademarks of Victory alive and transfers both into the here and now. This album is vibrant rock’n’roll and metal entertainment.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Love & Hate
  2. Gods of Tomorrow
  3. Cut to the Bone
  4. Dying in Your Arms
  5. Hold on to Me
  6. Into the Light
  7. Mad
  8. Unconditional Love
  9. My Own Desire
  10. On Fire
  11. Rising Force
  12. In Rock We Trust
  13. Leave You Alone

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: November 26th, 2021



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