Stoner rock powerhouse ATOLAH is back

Atolah, hailing from Australia, formed in 2007 and released two EPs between 2009 and 2012. In April 2013 the trio things slowed down dramatically, and the band went on a hiatus that lasted until this year. Atolah regrouped and reissues the mentioned two EPs under the banner of ‘Post, Cross and Yoke’. For the first time also on physical format, that album is already available and comes via Sleeping Church Records.

Fans of bands like Sleep and Electric Wizard should check out this release. Doom and stoner rock is what boom on this release and listening to these songs is like appreciating a musical Fata Morgana.


  1. Dead Leg
  2. Relics
  3. Down It Or Leave It
  4. Weedy Gonzales
  5. El Duce
  6. Post, Cross And Yoke
  7. Mood Brewer
  8. Focke-Wulfe

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