Review DAMIAN WILSON ‘Limehouse to Lechlade’

Damian Wilson doesn’t need to prove that he is a great singer. Fans of rock and metal music know the British singer from his time with bands like Threshold. Headspace is another band the singer enriches with his great voice and with Maiden United, Wilson shows his passion for straight-forward metal.

Next to all these collaborations, Wilson also wrote and recorded solo albums of which ‚Built for Fighting‘ was the latest one. Early November, the singer will add a next chapter to the story of solo releases. ‚Limehouse to Lechlade‘ is the title of a thirteen songs comprising album and instead of hard-hitting sounds, Wilson shows his dedication for gentle rock music with some folk-references that party enter the fields of singer-songwriter.

Wilson lived many years on river boats and travelled the River Thames a lot. The title relates to this time, heading upstream from London to the Cotswolds. The storyline of traveling can be also interpreted as a metaphor for the journey through life. The awareness of also this album having been recorded in the crazy days of a pandemic adds an extra spice to the lyrics.

Musically, Wilson’s focus is on the calmer tones with upbeat moment adding extra thrill to the flow. The bandwidth covers powerful songs, represented by the opener ‘Once We’re Gone’. ‘No Money’ uses a similar approach and the swinging ‘Fire & Ashes’ with the horn section is a more upbeat song too.

Next to these songs there are the calm and melancholic tunes. ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ is one of the songs that come with a lot of depth, a touching track on the album that carries a lot of emotions. ‘Hard to Keep Faith’ is another moment with a lot of empathy and sensitivity, starting calm and leading towards a great guitar solo part. The magic is the energy that builds up without the song becoming a loudly screaming rocker. It’s the intensity of a gently and powerful singing guitar that adds some weight to the song.

Damian Wilson’s new solo album is an emotional musical journey that touches the heart more than it stresses the neck-muscles. If, in between all the heavy riff releases, you are looking for a moment of peace and reflection, this is the album I can recommend.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Once We’re Gone
  2. Limehouse To Lechlade
  3. Climbing Frame
  4. Let Me Down Slowly
  5. Fire & Ashes
  6. Picture
  7. No Money
  8. Key To Life
  9. Hard To Keep Faith
  10. Must We Say Goodnight
  11. It Ends Here
  12. Women On My Mind
  13. Cornerstone

Label: Blacklake

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: November 12th, 2021



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