Review DR. DEATH ‘Reincarnation’

Siegen, Germany is the homebase of death metal powerhouse Dr. Death, a band that is started in the early ‘90s. After having had released two longplayers the band disbanded and what seemed to be a final decision faces a revision these days.

After more than two decades the death metal enthusiasts are back with an album that comes out of left field. ‘Reincarnation’ is the third longplayer and includes nine songs, penned by the quartet. I have to admit, that I missed the band in the ‘90s. The more I was curious to listen to ‘Reincarnation’, a title that seems to be well-chosen.

After dropping the needle it’s the mighty ‘What Shall We Report’ that crawls out of the speakers and what I can report is that we are facing a massive riff monster, being a good entry point for the album. The song opens the gates to the musical abyss with deadly growls and brutal guitars that find a continuation with ‘Morbus Memoriam’. These songs are metal grinder from the underground, raw and with edges.

The start is a good one and what is even better is the Motörhead-ish ‘Episode of Drowning’ with a riff, reminding of ‘Orgasmatron’. Rock’n’Roll meets death metal. What impresses is the variation, the album offers. There is the savage ‘Burn Down the Holy Cross’, a song without compromises. Furthermore, there is ‘Flesh Consumed’ with some thrash metal references before ‘Sun Slayer’ has the potential to cover the sun with eternal darkness and ignites the hellfire instead. Doom blends with death metal, that is the main pattern of ‘Reincarnation’ and what is well done from a songwriting perspective would have deserved a bit of a better sound. Sometimes coming across a bit muddy, the album could have unveiled more of the embedded malevolence by a less oldschool inspired sound. In a way it fits but also feels like missed opportunity.

However, ‘Reincarnation’ is a strong and heavy record that presents the roots of doom-based death metal. This musical wrecking ball is a worth to be listened to, an album when doom, melody, and evil unites to an interesting total.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. What Shall We Report
  2. Morbus Memoriam
  3. Episode of Drowning
  4. Blood For the Rotten
  5. Burn Down the Holy Cross
  6. My Cold Grave
  7. Flesh Consumed
  8. Sun Slayer
  9. Messiah of Death

Label: Idiots Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: October 30st, 2021 (Vinyl scheduled for February 2022)



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