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Knife from Marburg is certainly one of the most exciting young bands hailing from Germany. The guys just started their merciless road trip through the metallic universe and in a way, I feel reminded of bands like Space Chaser. It seems there is a next generation of German metal bands knocking loudly at the doors of heavy metal.

Metal, that represents anarchy, revolution and resistance, all covered a lot by ‘Knife’. Twelve songs and 37 minutes are a obvious indication of songs that are sharp and to the point. The debut of the quartet is a merciless thrash-/speed metal blast that is not supposed to take prisoners. I think it’s just young and hungry bands that can unleash such an iron fist approach album.

Inspired by bands like the early Kreator and Sodom, Knife rush through these twelve tracks on the debut as if there would be no tomorrow. Blistering leads, merciless riffs and a hard-working rhythm section push each songs the limit. With Vince Nihil’s hoarse screams and vocals, songs like ‘Sword Loser’ and ‘Black Leather Hounds’ turns into wild ride experience for listeners and you should fasten the seatbelt, since otherwise each of the tunes will blow you away. These guys don’t use any Houdini-riffing. They let the ten-ton-hammer off the leash.

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The fact that the opener ‘Behold the Horse of War’ fades in doesn’t prepare you for what’s waiting around the corner. There is an oppressive vibe from the beginning and after 30 seconds hell breaks loose. It’s like you see the storm coming and suddenly, you’re sucked into this metal inferno with no chance to escape.

Some spoken words introduce with ‘Inside the Electric Church’ a next blast and there is no time to take a deep breath until the last note of ‘Possessed’ fades away.

Knife takes its inspiration from the first wave of German thrash metal and adds the anarchy of punk to the mix. This deadly combination is completed by the a blackened darkness and delivers twelve metal anthems that are true, basic and authentic. ‘Knife’ represents the spirit of metal in perfection. This debut is loud and relentless. Once caught by the savage energy of this album you can’t resist pressing the ‘Start’-button again and again. Or like the band chants at the end of the album: “We are possessed”. Nothing to add.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Behold the Horse of War
  2. Inside the Electric Church
  3. White Witch Black Death
  4. Black Leather Hounds
  5. K.N.I.F.E.
  6. I Am the Priest
  7. Furnace
  8. Sword Loser
  9. Demon Wind
  10. The Hallowed Chamber of Storms
  11. 1989
  12. Possessed

Label: Dying Victims Productions

Genre: Speed-/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 22nd, 2021




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