Review DROTT ‘Orcus’

Drott released a first EP a few months ago and what started with four songs is now followed-up by a full-length studio album called ‘Orcus’. The longplayer features a ten songs wide track listing and the first good thing is, that there is no overlap between the two releases. Whatever ended up on ‘Orcus’ is new material.

Before having a deeper look into the album, let’s first check who Drott is. Drott hails from Norway, from Bergen to be more precise. Bergen is a melting pot when it comes to metal from Scandinavia with a vital and blackened scene. Three musicians being from Bergen are collaborating under the banner of Drott and the band consists of no less Arve Isdal (Enslaved), Ivar Thormodsæter (Ulver) and Matias Monsen. Since the guys have a wider musical background, Drott allows them to realize musical ideas and sounds that might not exactly fit to their mothership bands.

‚Orcus‘ is a blend that brings together metal, post rock and jazz influences, all lined-out in layers that add a progressive touch to the album. The ten songs on the album aren’t the heaviest ones you ever heard. Inspired by the force of nature and spirituality, the album has its rocking moments but is more build on soundscapes that are very atmospheric. With ‚Orcus‘ being the title, the album is a darker one, addressing the transition of souls from life to death.

A song that blooms earlier then some other tracks on the album is called ‘Katabasis’. On a mainly instrumental album, some vocals are part of this tune, more being an additional instrument than a storytelling tool. A gothic vibe resonates with this song too, a little highlight on the album.

With ‘By the Lunar Lake’ the sounds of nature and heritage step into forefront, all in a calm and unobtrusive way. It is the repetitive component that adds the addictive factor to the song, a tranquility that allows to close your eyes and imagine own pictures of the lake.

‘Orcus’ isn’t an easy album and just letting in run in the background will not allow to explore the details that are embedded. Mainly without making use of vocals, the instrumental longplayer has a cinematic expression that allows the listener to create his own mind-movie when listening these 40 minutes of experimental sound that is rooted in Northern heritage.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. The Lure
  2. Caerdroia
  3. Katabasis
  4. The Strait
  5. Psychopomp
  6. By the Lunar Lake
  7. The Marauders
  8. Grey Gull
  9. Arch of Gloom
  10. Orcus

Label: By Norse Music

Genre: Nordic Post Rock

Release Date EU: September 24th, 2021


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