Review DANKO JONES ‘Power Trio’

Since 2002, when Canadian rock fanatic Danko Jones unleashed with ‘Born a Lion’ his debut album, the extrovert musician and his bandmates are an important factor in rock music. Nine records stand for a solid cruise through the world of rock and with ‘Power Trio’ the next smasher is waiting in line.

The title of the newest offer is more than just a name for a record. It stands for what Danko Jones represent: Power.

The current situation, with the abrupt ending of live activities in spring 2020 was a punch in the face for a band like Danko Jones, guys with a habitat that is connected to the stages of this world. However, the trio never goes in a hibernation mode. Different times demand a different approach and the trio found out rather quickly how to move on.

Not being able to jam in their rehearsal room meant working on songs remotely, a way of working that led to the grooving ‘Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit’. The song was done during the lockdown situation and the result sounded very positive. With such a motivating experience in mind, the trio started to work on an entirely new album – ‘Power Trio’.

With a disrupted tour-studio-tour-… alternation, the band had more time at hand which they invested into the recording of the newest record. Fortunately, this didn’t lead to getting lost in details. ‘Power Trio’ fires on all cylinders and it feels like the album being the outlet for all the energy that was build up during the lockdown. Influenced by the situation are lyrics of songs like the thundering opener ‘I Want Out’ and the heavy pounding ‘Let’s Rock Together’, lyrics we all can relate to easily.

A song that takes a different route is ‘Raise Some Hell’. Addressing the murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matters movement makes this track to a very relevant one. Being kept in a moderate pace the tune fits perfectly into the context of the album and at the same time shows a bit of a different expression. None of the eleven songs is a downer nor there is a weak spot on ‘Power Trio’. ‘Dangerous Kiss’ and ‘Good Lookin’ are other highlights on this good mood creating longplayer.

In a time of uncertainty, it’s album like ‘Power Trio’ that stand for continuity with a positive spirit and a lot of energy. This record is a dirty rock’n’roll release with the potential of blowing away all the dark clouds to let the sun of rock’n’roll shine brightly.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. I Want Out
  2. Good Lookin’
  3. Saturday
  4. Ship of Lies
  5. Raise Some Hell
  6. Blue Jeans Denim Jumpsuit
  7. Get to You
  8. Dangerous Kiss
  9. Let’s Rock Together
  10. Flaunt it
  11. Start the Show

Label: Mate In Germany

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: August 27th, 2021




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