Review TRANCE ‚Metal Forces‘

Trance, founded in 1974, belongs to the pioneers when it comes to German hard rock and heavy metal. At the time, the guys have been busy as Tribut before changing the band name to Trance. The debut ‚Break Out‘ has been released in 1981 and the sophomore record ‚Power Infusion‘ followed a year later. Some problems with management and other issues weren‘t very helpful for maintaining a successful career which led to the band stopping in 1998.

Through the years Markus Berger (g) saw some cover bands with Trance songs in their repertoire. Berger was positively surprised about the enthusiasm which was the main motivator for regrouping Trance. Together with Jürgen Baum and Thomas Klein, Berger reactivated the band in 2011 for playing a few shows here and there. One step followed the other and it was in 2016 when the band surprised with a new album. Line-up changes didn’t stop and the newest offer ‚Metal Forces‘ includes a new singer. Nick Holleman joind and he isn‘t a rookie,  thinking about his great time with bands like Vicious Rumors. Trance in 2021 is a kind of German/Dutch connection since next to Holleman it is guitarist Joris van Rooij being part of the show too, a line-up that is completed by drummer Neudi (Andreas Neuderth).

The quintet releases an album that combines the old hard rock spirit with metal. The uptempo opener ‚The Fighter‘ belongs to the latter, being a powerful metal track with Holleman‘s vocal being an real enrichment to the 2021 sound of Trance. Such a promising start raises expectations and the rest of the album lives up to those. ‚Death Machine‘ is another roaring track that shows the punch Trance has these days. A song that triggers a walk on the memory lane is ‚Ballad of a Group‘. The song has its origins in 1975 when the tune was written. Some decades later the track finds a spot on the song-listing of ‚Metal Forces‘. It‘s an excellent hymn that starts calm and soulful before shifting gear towards a layered metal anthem with great guitar wok and well-done pace changes. This anthems shows the potential of Trance and at the same time proves that old and new goes together very well. And with all the layers, the song is still in focus, meaning one get never lost in endless solo parts or indigestible twists.

Trance in 2021 is a very positive surprise and the album entertains metalheads and rock fans. Dashing riffs, great vocals and well-forged melodies are the main ingredients for this longplayer that makes fun from start to finish.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Fighter
  2. Troublemaker
  3. Death Machine
  4. Deep Dance
  5. Believers
  6. The Home of Jericho
  7. As Long As I Lice
  8. The Drums of Waterloo
  9. Metal Forces
  10. Ballad of a Group
  11. Unstoppable (Bonus Track)

Label: Metalapolis

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: August 6th, 2021


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