Live report ENDSEEKER, OPHIS, NIGHT LASER, & REAVERS, Revolt! goes Planten Un Blomen, Hamburg – July 16th, 2021

The wait has been extremely long, and the absence of live shows was one of the big downers over the last months. The longing for heavy music, played live in front of an audience was huge and that’s one of the reasons why the announcement of the ‘Revolt! Goes Planten un Blomen’ was received so well.

‘Revolt!’ that became almost a little brand connected to concerts at Hamburg’s Bambi Galore and this time, also due to pandemic circumstances, ‘Revolt!’ takes place outside the usual home base and it isn’t just another location. ‘Revolt! Goes Planten un Blomen’ takes place in the center of Hamburg, in one of the most beautiful parks the metropole has to offer. One asset of this park is a bandstand, the place to be for a metal fan from Hamburg.

Surrounded by colorful flowers, black is the dominant color the closer you get to the bandstand. 200+ metalheads from the greater Hamburg area get together for a special open-air event with Hamburg-based bands only.

The event has a speed-dating approach since it is four bands in two hours, which means that each set isn’t longer than 25 minutes with an ambitious goal to redo the stage in 5 minutes before the next act unloads extra riff power.

The common denominator of this 2-hour event is the local aspect and not genre or style. Thrash-, doom-, sleaze- and death metal, all is present tonight and it is a thrash metal blast that leads things off after a short announcement of hygiene rules and regulations reminded everybody that the crazy times aren’t over yet. ReaVerS stand for aggressive thrash metal and is the perfect opening act. From zero to a full blast in less than one song, that is what the quartet offers, and fans appreciate it right away. Although being a seated event, the energy is tangible on stage and in the crowd. The moment when ‘Bier & Korn’, taken from the debut album ‘Exit Humanity’, ends the set, everybody is aware that time is flying tonight.

Within five minutes the stage is set for the next act, Night Laser. From thrash metal to sleaze metal in five minutes isn’t something you get offered a lot. Colors and melodies are the state of the art for the next 25 minutes and Night Laser is fast. It’s obvious that everybody enjoys live music and having fun the credo of the night. Night Laser provides entertainment with riffs, melody, make-up, and colorful clouds of smoke. These guys are so excited that they even went faster through their set as planned and finish a few minutes earlier than scheduled.

What comes next is the opposite of what Night Laser stands for. Ophis is Hamburg’s doom metal institution. Frontman Philipp Kruppa started the band as a side project in 2001 and it took until 2007 to unleash the debut ‘Stream of Misery’. Ophis, that is massive doom metal that more than once blends into funeral doom. A slower pace, some well-accentuated breaks, deep growls, and a substantial rhythm section jar the bandstand at Planten un Blomen. One can get the impression that many fans came to see Ophis and the appetizer for the upcoming album ‘Spew Forth Odium’ is an extra treat them. These four guys challenge the foundation of Planten un Blomen with their immense riff power and fortunately the base can handle such an infernal set since with Endseeker, the next act is already waiting in line.

Endseeker revealed a few weeks ago their newest death metal strike called ‘Mount Carcass’, an album that shows their hellish class. No doubt, 25 minutes is too little time for such a massive death metal feast, but it’s better than nothing. The title track of the new album, ‘Count the Dead’ and some songs from the previous releases represent some of the many musical highlights of a band that belongs to the constantly rising stars in death metal. Not that the band reinvents death metal. It is aggression, dedication, and a great sense for this kind of music that makes Endseeker to a very authentic band that enjoys what they are doing, which is playing music and preferably playing it live on stage. Just listening to the songs and following the stellar mimics of frontman Lenny is an unforgettable experience. Folks reward all this with a massive applause at the end and I think that everybody wanted to go wild, which isn’t possible these days, or as Lenny stated towards the end “Go wild, but stay seated”

“Revolt! Goes Planten un Blomen’ brought all kind of shades of metal to this iconic park in Hamburg and the combination worked very well. For two hours, the park was dressed in black, before the darkness of the night wrapped Planten un Blomen for a few hours, just to reveal its colorful beauty that day after for a next time.

Conclusion: Great bands, cool location, and a lot of fun within the give times.

Location: Planten Un Blomen, Hamburg, Germany

Date: July 16th, 2021

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