Review RED FANG ‘Arrows’

Portland, Oregon is the homebase of stoner rock outfit Red Fang. The quartet premiered in 2005 and it took a while to get the debut album out on the market. The self/titled first longplayer arrived at the record storers in 2009 and three more records followed.

Five years after ‘Only Ghosts’ entered the Billboard Charts, it is ‘Arrows’ that will see the light of day in early June. Red Fang’s newest addition to their list of deliveries is a might one, reflected in songs like ‘Days Collide’ which comes pretty much at the end of the longplayer. The song is a slow and dark tune with down-tuned guitars and a snail-like pace. Red Fang celebrates each tone of the song that is heavily grooving, taken its intensity from the captured darkness.

The start into ‘Arrows’ is different though. ‘Take It Back’ is more like shouts accompanied by a very basic instrumental setup, creating an obscure vibe that leans over to ‘Unreal Estate’. The latter is a heavy stoner rock song with a riff-approach that reminds of bands like Helmet. The more anarchic expression is transported through songs like ‘My Disaster’ while some desert heat is transferred via ‘Fonzi Scheme’. Also, worth to listen to is the title track, and not only because it is the first time that a Red Fang has a title track. The song is kept in a slower pace and is build on a mighty beat. Together with some roaring guitars the song grooves well and makes fun to listen to.

And a short side note. The drums on ‘Arrows’ sound kind of special which shows the experimental spirit of the Portland-quartet. Some drum parts have been recorded at the bottom of an (empty) pool which leads to unusual sound that amplifies the stoner vibe of ‘Arrows’.

Red Fang added a well-crafted next album to the list of achievements, a longplayer that fully lives up to expectation.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Take it Back
  2. Unreal Estate
  3. Arrows
  4. My Disaster
  5. Two High
  6. Anodyne
  7. Interop-Mod
  8. Fonzi Scheme
  9. Days Collide
  10. Rabbits in Hives
  11. Why
  12. Dr. Owl
  13. Funeral Coach

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Stoner Rock

Release Date EU: June 4th, 2021



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