Review HANGING GARDEN ‘Skeleton Lake’

Hanging Garden started to grow since 2004. The Finnish band unchained the debut album ‘Inherit the Eden’ in 2007 and since then spreads the bittersweet temptation of melancholy. After having built a solid discography during all the years it is the new album ‘Skeleton Lake’ that’s waiting in the starting blocks.

Hanging Garden has a solid line-up since the early 2010th and made a significant adjustment in 2019 when female singer Rikka Hatakka joined the band. With having her on board as a permanent member opened new possibilities for Hanging Garden. Still anchored in gloom and melancholy, it’s her crystal-clear voice that adds some brightness to the wistful basics of Hanging Garden’s sound.

In a way ‘Skeleton Lake’ represent the time when it was made. It was during the long and dark winter months in Finland, a season that already in usual times isn’t a colorful experience. The last winter, with all the loneliness and distancing, made things even tougher and has been an amplifier of wistfulness. Hanging Garden’s new songs reflect this atmosphere very well and still there are always some musical sun-rays which break through the grey clouds that want to warp the human soul. These poles are perfectly set to scene by the discrepancy of growls and clean vocals, as well as there is a well accentuated change between harsh outbreaks and fragile moments.

There are great songs on this album, which became a very emotional one. It’s nearly impossible to escape the beauty of soundscapes that are sketched by Hanging Garden, manifested by songs like the touching ‘When the Music Dies’.

Hanging Garden’s seventh longplayer is a great album that catches the listener by its emotional depth. Bigger soundscapes paint a musical picture of a grey landscape that is challenged by the upcoming light, in a way a struggle between gloom and light.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Kuura
  2. Faith
  3. Nowhere Haven
  4. Winter’s Kiss
  5. When the Music Dies
  6. Tinturi
  7. Road of Bones
  8. Fields of Reeds
  9. Skeleton Lake

Label: Lifeforce Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: May 21st, 2021



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