Review DARWIN ‘DarWin 3: Unplugged’

DarWin first got attention when releasing the debut album ‘Origin of Species’ in 2019 when DarWin teamed-up with Simon Phillips, known from Toto. #DarWin 2: tA Frozen War’ represented the next step of the outfit and while working on these longplayers the idea of a stripped-down version of some of the songs was born.

These version appeared for the first time as a an addition to the limited edition of the ‘DarWin2: A Frozen War’ album and stand now on their own as a new release. ‘DarWin 3: Unplugged’ is the title of this eight songs featuring album that show a different interpretation. Unplugged and with support by The Chamber Orchestra of London and The Reykjavik Quartet, the album adds a new shine the music.

It’s a cinematic vibe that comes with each of the songs that in a way amplifies the conceptual aspect of DarWin. The challenges of mankind in the coming era, addressed by the debut and continued on the sophomore album, get even stronger in a such a musical setup that could easily act as a soundtrack for the storyline.

‘DarWin3: Unplugged’ provides some calm and reflecting moments. The songs and their new arrangement have the potential to slow down things in a the hectic everyday, providing time for thinking about where we want to go as a mankind and how we want to live.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Escape the Maze (Orchestral)
  2. Nightmare of My Dreams (Orchestral)
  3. Slowly Melting (Unplugged)
  4. Forever (Orchestral):
  5. One Horizon (Unplugged)
  6. Rise (Orchestral)
  7. Last Chance (Orchestral)
  8. Another Year (Acapella)

Label: Origin Of Species LLC

Genre: Unplugged

Release Date EU: April 16th, 2021



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