CD review NIHT ‘Arcanum’

Sometimes information sheets provide a lot of information about band and album creation process. When it comes to Niht, the information is rather limited. What we know for sure is that ‘Arcanum’ is the second longplayer, forged by the German/Austrian band.

A look on the tracklist shows that Niht doesn’t laser in on the colorful aspect of human life. It’s the dark side and the blackened part of the human soul that provides the thematically framework of the album. Musically deeply rooted in harsh and fierce black metal, reminding of bands like Naglfar, Niht address topics like fear, pain, lies, addiction, hate, mania and death. This what you get when translating the German song titles. In a way these song titles fit into the current insecure times when things are hard to predict which can lead to the feelings like described in the songs.

Four years after the debut album spread its hellish blackness, it’ the sophomore longplayer that brings once again exciting black metal to the plate. Niht play heavy and merciless black metal and at the same time isn’t shy to introduce once in a while a melodic aspect to their music. Screeching vocals and racing speed are the key elements of songs like ‘Lüge’. The the same time the second half of the song is kept a bit slower and the guitar lines are adding a feeling of melody to the total. ‘Arcanum’ is devilish and spreads an ice-cold musical breeze that makes you shiver. At the same time the duo knows how to fascinate through intesity. The two poles, melancholy and rage, blend very well on this album. A song that brings this to listeners attention is ‘Wahn’ that starts rather slow-paced and evolves to a weird and manic black metal song.

Niht isn’t lurking for commercial success. The duo follows the black heart and soul which allows them to create musical content that expresses eternal nothingness in a really cool fashion.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Angst
  2. Schmerz
  3. Lüge
  4. Sucht
  5. Hass
  6. Wahn
  7. Tod

Label: Ván Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: April 9th, 2021


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