CANDLEMASS announce ‘Green Valley (Live)’

Swedish doom metal pioneers Candlemass announce a live album called ‘Green Vally (Live)’. The iconic band recorded their very first live stream show in 2020 with the following line-up:

  • Johan Längqvist (vocals
  • Mats Björkman (guitar)
  • Lars Johansson (guitar)
  • Leif Edling (bass)
  • Jan Lindh (drums)

The set preformed was a very oldschool-laden one with a focus on the first two longplayers including classics like ‘Under the Oak’ and ‘Bewitched’. Release date will be May 7th, 2021 and the album comes via Peaceville.

The entire tracklist of the vinyl version looks like this:

Side A

  1. Well Of Souls (Lockdown Session) (05:54)
  2. Dark Reflections (Lockdown Session) (04:43)
  3. Mirror Mirror (Lockdown Session) (05:22)
  4. Ancient Dreams (Lockdown Session) (00:59)

Side B

  1. Astorolus (Lockdown Session) (06:00)
  2. Bewitched (Lockdown Session) (05:12)
  3. Dark Are The Veils Of Death (Lockdown Session) (04:30)

Side C

  1. Under The Oak (Lockdown Session) (07:01)
  2. A Sorcerer`s Pledge (Lockdown Session) (10:23)

Side D

  1. Doom Jam (Lockdown Session) (02:53)
  2. Solitude (Lockdown Session) (06:46)
  3. Demon`s Gate (Lockdown Session – Soundcheck) (09:49)

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