CD review MEMORIAM ‘To the End’

‘To the End’ is the title of Memoriam‘s new album and we can all hope that it’s just the title of this longplayer since this band is so good that we don’t even want to think about an end.

Memoriam started in 2016 when former Bolt Thrower frontman Karl Willetts and Benediction bassist Frank Healy decided to begin a new musical adventure. Right away, the death metal community was thrilled about the announcement of the band and it was the debut album called ‘For the Fallen’ that clearly shows why the excitement was so big.

Memoriam, that is massive death metal with ultra-strong riffs and the merciless punch of a wrecking ball. The quartet’s interpretation of death metal has nothing to do with speed. The guys stay in a slower and more moderate pace while unfolding their deadly sound by mammoth riffing, a roaring rhythm section and Willetts unique vocals. These are the main trademarks of this well-oiled death metal machine and also the forth album ‘To the End’ is full of it.

It all starts with the thumping opener ‘Onwards into Battle’, a death metal hymn that can be only forged that way by Memoriam. The guys found their signature sound within the frames of death metal which they keep pure, simple and massive. Memoriam’s music is driven by the robust engine of a tank rather than the filigree motor of a Porsche. And sticking to the tank-metaphor also means that this album steamrolls you from start to finish.

The quartet partly increases speed with ‘This War is Won’, being another mammoth song penned by the four guys. The first third of the record ends with ‘No Effect’. It’s a rather harmonic guitar parts that starts off the track, morphing into another oldschool death metal attack after a few seconds. Not to forget is the title track ‘To the End’, a well-selected name-giver for the album. This tune unleashes the primal forces that lasers in on sheer power more than Houdini riffs.

‘To the End’ is one of these longplayer with a tracklist that doesn’t know a weak spot. Regardless if you drop the needle at ‘Vacant Stare’ or ‘Mass Psychosis’, it’s always good music you get in return. Especially the latter is an experience since in a way it combines death metal with a Prong-reminding groove that breaks loose in the verse. And still one more to go before pressing the start button again. ‘As My Heart Grows Cold’ begins rather melodically and features some calmer moment in the beginning. The songs clocks in at 6 minutes and is a very dark one. Calmer section interact with the usual Memoriam power surge and still the track has a special vibe that shows the variety Memoriam has found within their signature sound.

‘To the End’ is the expected massive forth Memoriam album. Nine jaw-dropping moments clearly indicate why these four guys are belonging to the spearhead of death metal and instead of getting older, musicians and band is getting better with every album unleashed. This album is a ‘must have’.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Onwards Into Battle
  2. This War is Won
  3. No Effect
  4. Failure to Comply
  5. Each Step (One Closer to the Garve)
  6. To the End
  7. Vacant Stare
  8. Mass Psychosis
  9. As My Heart Grows Cold

Label: Reaper Entertainment

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 26th, 2021



Memoriam at Rock Hard Festival, 2018

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