CD review BLACKMORE’S NIGHT ‘Nature’s Light’

Ritchie Blackmore belongs to the most gifted guitarists that rock and metal ever saw to date. Renowned from his days with Deep Purple and Rainbow, Blackmore has created an iconic sound with his guitar that is timeless and a strong element of the success of the mentioned bands.

With the exception of three live shows as Rainbow, the legendary guitarist focusses since 1997 on Blackmore’s Night. Blackmore, together with his wife Candice Night, put the rock’n’roll roots aside and began to explore the world of folk, rock and pop a bit more. ‘Shadow of the Moon’ was the debut album that was released in 1997 and since then Blackmore’s Night has been a rather successful endeavor.

With ‘All Our Yesterdays’ the so far latest studio album has been released a while ago, six years to be precise and it’s the awaited new record ‘Nature’s Light’ that will arrive in the record stores mid-March. In the time of days becoming longer, shortening the nights, it’s ‘Nature’s Light’ that acts as a soundtrack for the upcoming spring season.

Blackmore’s Night start with ‘Once Upon December’ quite winterly into the album and the medieval spirit is right there. Next to the spirit of a time that’s been long gone it’s nature that impacts the album. The brisk ‘Feather in the Wind’ takes you to the next song with an ease. The following tune ‘Darker Shade of Black’ is in contrast to the light-hearted ‘Feather in the Wind’. It’s a gloomy instrumental, one out of two. ‘Der Letzte Musketier’ is the title of the other instrumental that puts Blackmore’s gently swinging guitar into forefront. He still knows how to treat the six strings well.

Via a soulful remake of ‘Wish You Were Here’, a song that Rednex had a smash hit in the 90s, the longplayer gets closer to the finish line. ‘Second Element’ is the emotional closer of ‘Nature’s Light’ and although this kind of music isn’t my very first choice I must admit that the album impresses. It has a certain spirit that help to calm down in these hectic days and you have the feeling to connect to nature, just by listening to these songs. I give ‘Nature’s Light’ a next spin on the record player and you might want to do the same.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Once Upon December
  2. Four Winds
  3. Feather In the Wind
  4. Darker Shade of Black (Instrumental)
  5. The Twisted Oak
  6. Nature’s Light
  7. Der Letzte Musketier (Instrumental)
  8. Wish You Were Here
  9. Going To The Faire
  10. Second Element

Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Folk

Release Date EU: March 12th, 2021



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