Classics: WHITESNAKE ‘Slide It In’ (UK release)

‘Slide It In’ is Whitesnake’s sixth longplayer and depsite the fact that I like the first four albums the most, it is ‘Slide It In’ that features some really good songs too. Furthermore the album kind of stands for a move into a new era and at the same time is the springboard for the glorious success of the ‘1987’ release.

David Coverdale formed the band in 1978 after his departure from the legendary Deep Purple and it didn’t take long to unleash the debut called ‘Trouble’. Rooted in blues rock, Coverdale and the band slowly stregthened the rock elements, leading to excellent longplayers like ‘Come an’ Get It’, which for me is the best Whitesnake album ever. No surprice that the stellar ‘Don’t Break My Heart Again’ entered the charts at the time.

Whitesnake, that’s also a lot of line-up changes and ‘Slide It In’ plays a special role, considering the fact that John Sykes and Neil Murray were part of the US version. ‘Slide It In’ is also the last Whitesnake album with Micky Moody who was part of the original recording as well as he was co-writer for ‘Slow an’ Easy’, the opener of the B-side of the album. The end of an era was also manifested by Jon Lord leaving the band in 1984 for joining the Deep Purple reunion.

With having all this in mind, the album still features with ‘Standing in the Shadow’, ‘Slide It In’ and ‘Guilty of Love’ exquisite hard rock songs with Jon Lord’s keyboards being very present. And not to forget in this context ‘Love Ain’t No Stranger’.

Whitesnake’s sixth longplayer was/is one of these ‘in transition’-releases, since it also was the springboard for the band to gain popularity in the US. ‘Slide It In’ paved the way for the megaseller ‘1987’ which was a big commercial success with Whitesnake’s music losing the edges and became more dressed for success. Even the new logo of the band manifested the entry into a next era.

‘Slide It In’ might not be the best Whitesnake album and still features songs that are timeless. Well-executed hard rock with a warm and organic sound is what the longplayer transports with all the ten songs. Still a treat, even 27 years later.

Tracklist (UK Version):

  1. Gambler
  2. Slide It In
  3. Standing in the Shadow
  4. Give Me More Time
  5. Love Ain’t No Stranger
  6. Slow an’ Easy
  7. Spit It Out
  8. All or Nothing
  9. Hungry For Love
  10. Guilty of Love

Label: Liberty

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: January 30th, 1984 (UK version)



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