The sound of Christmas with ‘Christmas Rocks’

Mascot Records release an EP called ‘Christmas Rocks’ on November 27th. In a time when jingle bells are the sound of the season, some more rocking songs are welcome, spreading a holiday feeling too.

P.O.D., Crobot, Ayreon, 10 Years, Otherwise, Black Stone Cherry and Dragged Under are all songs that will provide a rocking Christmas for music fans that are done with ‘Last Christmas’.

The newest appetizer comes from Dragged Under and is named ‘This Holiday’. Tony Cappocchi comments: “This Holiday is our answer to all the super happy Christmas songs that are forced on us year after year. They’re all so cheery, and bubblegum, and the reality is that the holidays aren’t like that for everyone. A lot of people (especially this year) don’t think of the holidays as a great time. Whether they’ve lost someone, don’t have family or money, or just don’t like being around people pretending to like each other. I had skipped holidays for years while working my dead-end retail job, and I think it made me a little cold to the holidays. Especially when people come to the mall and only think about themselves while screaming at the retail worker because they didn’t have the right toy. We’ve lost the reason for the season.”

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