Time is flying these days and many moments pass by everyday, some with impact. I had this thought when thinking about the fact of Dark Tranquillity’s latest album ‘Atoma’ celebrating already its forth birthday.

After extensive touring, Dark Tranquillity started work on their next album, ‘Moment’, which be available at the shops this November. And not only that the band has a new album in the starting blocks, Dark Tranquillity welcomes with Christopher Amott and Johan Reinholz also two new members that recently joined the band after having been with Dark Tranquillity on tour over the last three years.

With having this new line-up in place, the sextet took on the next challenge, which was the making of ‘Moment’. Changes are distractions that inspire for new ideas and you can feel that Dark Tranquillity is inspired by the new guitarists. With this new vivid element, the band still sounds 100% like Dark Tranquillity, first stated by the opener ‘Phantom Days’. The song has been unveiled as single already prior to the album release and shows the excellent fusion of heaviness and melody. The start is good and ‘Transient’ is even better. All the Dark Tranquillity trademarks are present with Mikael Stanne’s voice being a central element.

‘Identical to None’ comes with a shift of gears in wider parts. It’s the change of pace that makes the track to a prefect ambassador of Dark Tranquillity in 2020, showing the creative flow in a good way. Another exciting track on the album is entitled ‘Remain in the Unkown’. Stanne’s clean vocals are as stunning as his growls and both ways of singing merged in one song is a great element to create tension. The song itself is a melancholic one with a gloomy undertone, a mood that’s also reflected in the atmospheric closer ‘In Truth Divided’. It’s almost a bit of a gothic vibe that swings with these songs.

Furthermore, there is the straight-to-the-point ‘Failstate’. The uptempo track with the enormous riffpower is certainly a highlight on the album and a song that needs to be listened to with volume on 10.

Lyrically, Stanne created a theme on moments that influence life and impact the future. There are paths to be taken and crossroads that demand decisions, simply moments that are crucial and defining in life. Listening to ‘Moment’ shows that Dark Tranquillity take advantage of the moment, utilizing it as a creator of extra energy that’s channelized into 12 great songs. ‘Moment’ is an album that invites for living the moment every time you press the ‘Start’-button.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Phantom Days
  2. Transient
  3. Identical to None
  4. The Dark Unbroken
  5. Remain in the Unknown
  6. Standstill
  7. Ego Deception
  8. A Drawn Out Exit
  9. Eyes of the World
  10. Failstate
  11. Empires Lost to Time
  12. In Truth Divided

Label: Century Media

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 20th, 2020



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