CD review LORDS OF BLACK ‘Alchemy of Souls, Pt.1’

Lords Of Black is the mothership of Ronnie Romero and a springboard for the singer too. Already the self-titled debut ‘Lords of Black’ generated a lot of interest, an album that was critically acclaimed. It paved the way for Romero for joining various projects and bands, acts like Vandenberg, Rainbow and The Ferryman.

What shouldn’t be forgotten is, that Lords Of Black is more than Ronnie Romero. The singer has with Tony Hernando a excellent counterpart and again it’s the good vibes between singer and guitarist being a crucial factor for great music and success.

After Romero returned to the band after a short hiatus, the two guys form the core of Lords Of Black, with Dani Criado providing the bass line and Jo Nunez being the hard-hitting drummer, the latter making his first appearance on ‘Alchemy of Souls, Pt.1’.

Lords Of Black’s forth album doesn’t come with too many adjustments or twists. It’s basically a continuation of what that band released on the earlier albums. Well-done melodies and heavy guitar sounds is what creates the base for each of the eleven songs on the album and fans of melodic metal will love songs like the rather catchy ‘Sacrifice’, a song that unfolds right away.

‘Shadows Kill Twice’ is another smashing tune on the album, starting with a gentle piano before evolving to a lively song with heavy roots. A song you shouldn’t miss is ‘Brightest Star’. I felt reminded of bands like Queensryche while listening to the tune. The track alternates between a calm verse and a bigger chorus, all metallic and in the spirt of the earlier Queensryche.

Romero’s voice is often compared with the legendary Ronnie James Dio and songs like ‘Tides of Blood’ explain why. Parallels can’t be denied although Romero has enough own identity in his voice to not copy the iconic frontman. ‘Tides of Blood’ is a song, fans of Rainbow and Dio should check out. There is a solid chance that you will like what reaches your ears.

Last but not least, and as on ‘Icons of the Days, that masterpiece comes at the end. The title track is a 10 minutes epos that begins with a gentle acoustic guitar. It’s a soft start into the song, before a grooving bass, followed by a powerful riff, take over. The tune showcases the compositional talent of Lords Of Black and helps to strengthen their position in Melodic Metal. The genre doesn’t offer much better music these days than what you get here.

Lords Of Black deliver for a forth time an album that stands for exquisite Melodic Metal. These songs carry the spirit of the ’80s while reflecting the power full sound of the 2020s also. Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Dying To Live Again
  2. Into The Black
  3. Deliverance Lost
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Brightest Star
  6. Closer To Your Fall
  7. Shadows Kill Twice
  8. Disease In Disguise
  9. Tides Of Blood
  10. Alchemy Of Souls
  11. You Came To Me (Piano Version)

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: November 6th, 2020



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