CD review KADAVAR ‘The Isolation Tapes’

As we all, also Kadavar had to adapt to a new way of living with a virus pushing everybody out of their comfort zone. Being known for their explosive live shows, it wasn’t a big surprise that the trio came up rather quickly with a show they streamed through the world wide web which was just a beginning.

Such a streamed live event can’t ally the trio’s the hunger when it comes to music. As I wrote in one of the earlier posts, music will always find an outlet and Kadavar found a way to continue making music, although they added a new shade to their sound.

‘The Isolation Tapes’ is an album that was entirely done during the lockdown times and the specific circumstances had an impact on the ten songs that have been recorded. Thematically the record lasers in on isolation, transformation and spiritual growth. We all have in our mind the days in spring, when everything slowed down and times changed dramatically with a few days. Kadavar took this mood at the time and created songs that reflect the situation perfectly.

Having said this means, that ‘The Isolation Tapes’ isn’t a rock-driven album as we would expect it from the band in usual circumstances. The new longplayer is calmer and reflective, still being very impactful. The great thing is that the album didn’t go through a long preparation and planning process. All the tunes that ended up on ‘The Isolation Tapes’ is the result of a spontaneous creative flow in unusual times, which makes the album authentic as well as it is a contemporary witness.

Although being a bit calmer than usual, Kadavar release an album that impresses. Right away, from the first notes of ‘The Lonely Child’, it becomes obvious that the roaring guitars gave some space to bigger soundscapes that partly even remind of bands like Pink Floyd. ‘The Lonely Child’ is a melancholic song, as all of the tracks on ‘The Isolation Tapes’, but it isn’t a sad song. Beautiful melodies in the second half of the track feel like musical brightness that slips though a confusing new reality.

The psychedelic ‘Unnaturally Strange (?)’ is another song I can recommend to listen to and the same goes for ‘(I Won’t Leave You) Rosi’. The latter starts slow and spreads a sad vibe before turning into an uptempo rocker with a good drive. A track that perfectly sums up the main theme of the album is ‘Everything is Changing’, a musical interpretation of contemporary times. It’s a song that is crafted extremely well and finds a way into heart and mind.

‘The Isolation Tapes’ is an album that probabaly would not have been possible without a pandemic. If this is a good thing or bad thing, I don’t know. What I do know is that this longplayer enriches times when carriers like vinyl are the only access point to music. Why I mention vinyl? Because this records deserves to be listened to on vinyl. The music demands it, amplifying the warm and organic sound of this release with the various artworks for the vinyl versions being an extra benefit.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Lonely Child
  2. I Fly Among The Stars
  3. Unnaturally Strange (?)
  4. (I Won’t Leave You) Rosi
  5. The World Is Standing Still
  6. Eternal Light (We Will Be Ok
  7. Peculiareality (!)
  8. Everything Is Changing
  9. The Flat Earth Theory
  10. Black Spring Rising

Label: Robotor Records

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: October 23rd, 2020



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