If you look up Mors Principium Est in the Urban Dictionary you will find the following: “The greatest melodic death metal band ever! Listen to them, and you will not be disappointed.” Now, it’s a quite subjective to put it in a dictionary in such a way but listening to Mors Principium Est’s new album makes me in bigger parts agreeing with the statement.

Mors Principium Est might not be the greatest melodic death metal band but they are for sure a very good one. Having a lot in common with the earlier In Flames and Children Of Bodom, the guys find for a seventh time the sweetspot between savage heavy metal with deeper growls and catchy melodies.

Mors Principium Est today is pretty much a duo, with singer Ville Viljanen, holding the steering wheel. Together with his fellow bandmate Andy Gillion, who joined in 2011. This duo was in charge of the ten rockets that ended up on the tracklist, which starts with the mighty ‘A Day For Redemption’ and ends with ‘My Home, My Grave’. Whatever sits in between represents melodic death metal that always finds the right balance with things never getting cheesy on ‘Seven’. Songs like ‘In Frozen Fields’ manifest the approach very well and smartly enough the guys placed an interlude on the tracklist too. ‘Reverence’ starts classic before the instrumental becomes heavier, a musical painting of a Nordic snowstorm with sun-rays before and after.

Twenty years of metal experience pay-off here. The duo has a clear musical vision of how this album should sound and they realized their ambition in good fashion. ‘Seven’, that’s a bold melodic death metal record with 48 minutes of entertaining music for headbangers.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. A Day of Redemption
  2. Lost ina Starless Aeon
  3. In Frozen Fields
  4. March to War
  5. Rebirth
  6. Reverence
  7. Master of the Dead
  8. The Eerlong Night
  9. At the Shores of Silver Sand
  10. My Home, My Grave

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Rrelease Date EU: October 23rd, 2020



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