CD review NIGHTMARE ‘Aeternam’

French Nightmare are a band with a long history. What started in the late ’70s as a band with a passion for punk rock morphed over time a solid power metal band that releases with ‘Aeternam’ their newest product.

Since having released with ‘Dead Sun’ their latest album in 2016 a few things changed when it comes to Nightmare’s line-up. Yves Campion, the remaining founding member, has with Franck Milleliri a musical partner, sharing many years at Nightmare together. Newer additions to Nightmare are drummer Niels Quiais and Madie, being the new voice of Nightmare since 2019.

This quintet releases with ‘Aeternam’ a longplayer that contains ten songs, coming partly a bombasitic density like ‘Temple of Archeron’ and ‘Lights On’. Most of the other tunes, like anthemic ‘Downfall of the Tyrant’, ‘The Passnger’ and ‘Under the Ice’, are rooted in Power Metal that comes with a good firepower.

Power Metal fans will find enough songs on the album, providing a 48 minutes soundtrack for headbanging. Having said this means also that I have to mention that you shouldn’t expect too much surprises, but tasty ‘Hausmannskost’ can do the job as well if you’re really hungry.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Temple Of Acheron
  2. Divine Nemesis
  3. The Passenger
  4. Downfall Of A Tyrant
  5. Crystal Lake
  6. Lights On
  7. Aeternam
  8. Under The Ice
  9. Black September
  10. Anneliese

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Power Metal

Release Date EU: October 2nd, 2020



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