CD review FINNTROLL ‘Vredesvärd’

The Metal trolls are back and different to the internet trolls these ones are very welcome. It’s Finntroll that launch their next longplayer in September, a next chapter of a story, Somnium and Katla probably didn’t have in mind when founding the band in a rehearsal room back in 1997.

Deviating from traditional Black Metal, Finntroll started to fuse Black Metal with Finnish Folk and the typical ‘humppa’-rhythm is specific. The outcome of this unusual mixture left the Finnish forests in 1999 when the band premiered with ‘Midnattens Widlunder’ and since then Finntroll could enlarge their fanbase, reflected in chart entries too.

Now it’s up to ‘Vredesvärd’ to extend the winning streak of the Finns and the album certainly has the potential to do so. Framed into 38 minutes running time, Finntroll belt-out ten songs, all sinister and catchy tunes. ‘Väktaren’ starts the parade of songs in a dramatic fashion, slowly building up tension, before a calmer section of classic music takes over. It’s a very cinematic start that blends into ‘Att Döda Med En Sten’. The latter though is a raging track that definitely puts Metal into focus. Blackened intensity and an underlying melodic tone delivers right on the money.

The ‘humppa’ beat is a basic element of ‘Ormfolk’ and ‘Myren’, the latter with Finnish Folk being very present. ‘Graenars Vaeg’, with the ‘hej’ parts, invites for a sing-a-long while ‘Mask’ toogles between melody and raging mystery. ‘Ylaren’ ends the album in a good fashion. Finntroll reduces pace and create with ‘Ylaren’ a little epos as a closer for the album. This shift of tempo works very well although things get faster again towards the end.

Finntroll launch with ‘Vredesvaerd’ an entertaining longplayer. The album finds the sweetspot between heaviness, melody and folk-roots, all equipped with a catchiness that never gets sleazy. Good stuff for sure.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Väktaren
  2. Att Döda Med En Sten
  3. Ormfolk
  4. Grenars Väg
  5. Forsen
  6. Vid Häxans Härd
  7. Myren
  8. Stjärnors Mjöd
  9. Mask
  10. Ylaren

Label: Century Media

Genre: Blackened Folk Metal

Release Date EU: September 18th, 2020



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