FLEETWOOD MAC release boxsets

‘Rumors’ is an album a lot of people know, being a commercially successful record of a band that has a history that starts far ealier in time. Fleetwood Mac premiered already in 1968 with a self-titled album and their sound was slightly different than what was released later on.

Rooted in Blues and adding a British touch to it, Fleetwood Mac score first good results right away but it wasn’t a paved road to success the band was traveling on. There have been ups and downs for Fleetwood Mac which includes numerous line-up changes.

What units the different eras of Fleetwood Mac is, that their music is timeless and to put the first longplayers into a new spotlight, re-issues of the early albums see the light of day again on September 4th as two boxsets.

The CD set includes seven studio albums plus an unreleased live album from a show that took place on December 15th, 1974 at The Record Plant in Sausalito, California.

The vinyl set comes with five longplayers (‘Penguin’, Mystery to Me’, Heroes are Hard to Find’) plus the live recording, a set also enriched by a 7″ that includes an unreleased track called ‘Good Things (Come to Those Who Wait)’.

The release is certainly interesting for collectors as well as it provides musical aha-moments for fans of the later Fleetwood Mac era.

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