CD review GOMORRA ‘Divine Judgement’

Gomorra, hailing from Switzerland, is a new band, and not. The band rose out of the ashes of Gonoreas and is very much driven by guitarist Damir Eskic, also known as Destruction lead guitarist. Therefor it’s not a surprise that blistering riffs and stellar solo parts can be found on the entire album, which is by the way, a real energy boost.

Gomorra has decided to welcome the listener with a short intro. ‘Canaan’ is a 42 second track before the guys go full throttle with ‘Gomorra’.

If you take the first three songs as an example, you can see very well where the journey will take you. Gomorra’s roots are based in Thrash Metal. It’s a good basic level of aggression that characterizes the album and reflects the passion for thrash metal. The powerful ‘Hope For the Righteous’ speaks volumes here. But if you listen to the chorus of ‘Gomorra’ you also feel reminded of bands like Blind Guardian. Last but not least there are trackgs like ‘Brother We’re Damned’, showing the vocal range of singer Jonas Ambühl who turns out to be real metal siren with some high pitch screams.

All in all ‘Divine Judgement’ can be called a successful album. VO Pulver also gave this longplayer the necessary power in the production, so that headbangers and metalheads will surely enjoy it. Gomorrah and ‘Divine Judgment’, that is the accuracy of a swiss clockwork and the elemental force of a riff avalanche. Both go well together and you should check out the album.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Canaan
  2. Gomorra
  3. Flames Of Death
  4. Hope For The Righteous
  5. Out Of Control
  6. Brother We’re Damned
  7. The City Must Fall
  8. Children Of The Land
  9. Cleansing Fire
  10. Angels Amongst Us
  11. Never Look Back

Label: Noble Demon

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 22nd, 2020



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