CD review FAIRYLAND ‘Osyrhianta’

Fairyland is releasing with ‘Osyrhianta’ their fourth album, a concept album that is directly connected to their predecessors. The trilogy, which ended in 2009 with ‘Score to a New Beginning’, has now been continued. As the story is already told, the continuation is a prequel, told in ten songs and I guess next time a new lyrical concept needs to be invented.

if you look at ‘Osyrhianta’ from t a musical angle, it’s well done symphonic power metal the five guys offer. None of the songs sound is a downer and as far as the sound is concerned Fairyland deliver the whole range of their musical passion. Big melodies, powerful riff and catchy vocal-lines, all is present. However, everything you hear in 60 minutes is not really new. Bands like Avantasia have the same in their offer, just a little bit better.

‘Osyrhianta’, certainly not a title that makes marketing for this release very easy, offers solid symphonic metal that sounds good but also risks to become forgotten after the needle of your record player returns to its resting-position.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. The Age of Birth
  2. Across the Snow
  3. The Hidden Kingdom
  4. Eleandra
  5. Herald of the Green Lands
  6. Alone We Stand
  7. Hubrus et Orbis
  8. Mount Mirenor
  9. Of Hope and Despair in Osyrhia
  10. The Age of Light

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Release Date EU: May 22nd, 2020


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