CD review GRAVE DIGGER ‘Fields of Blood’

People mention the term of being in a ‘new reality’ all the time these days. The more it’s important to have a few anchor points providing continuity in times of radical change. One of these anchors is called ‘Fields of Blood’ and is Grave Digger’s new album.

The clansmen from North Rhine-Westfalia are back with their 20th longplayer. I’m not sure if bandleader Chris Boltendahl envisioned such an impressive discography when the band premiered with ‘Heavy Metal Breakdown’ in 1984 but what the Germans achieved since then is impressive and shows two things, passion and willpower.

Do you expect new things from Grave Digger? Not really. It’s mainly straight-forward heavy metal a la Grave Digger what is demanded by fans and delivered by the band. As if it would be right from the Scottish Highlands the intro ‘The Clansmans Journey’ paves the way for eleven new metal songs. No frills and no compromises, that’s what this album is about and fans will like it. A song you should listen is for sure the blistering ‘Freedom’ with a massive guitar intro. ‘Union of the Crown’ is another highlight on the album and the ballad ‘Thousand Tears’, the emotional moment, is a little treat too, also due to Battle Beast’s Noora Louhimo’s guest appearance.

With all the familar Grave Digger trademarks in place there is one song though that stands out and that’s the title track. I don’t think that Grave Digger ever wrote a songs that clocks in after 10 minutes; the title track does. Within the frames of heavy metal the band wrote an epos with a cinematic vibe. Calmer section with vocals and organ interact with massive outburst, all presented with emotionalism and pathos. If the producers of ‘Braveheart’, the movie, would have decided to go for a real soundtrack it would have been something similar to what you get with ‘Fields of Blood’.

Grave Digger stays true to themselves. The album picks it up where the guys left of with ‘The Living Dead’ and with the exemption of the epical title track Grave Digger’s jubilee longplayer delivers to expectation. Horns up.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Clansman’s Journey
  2. All for the Kingdom
  3. Lions of the Sea
  4. Freedom
  5. The Heart of Scotland
  6. Thousand Tears
  7. Union of the Crown
  8. My Final Fight
  9. Gathering of the Clans
  10. Barbarian
  11. Fields of Blood
  12. Requiem for the Fallen

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 29th, 2020



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