CD review ALKYMIST ‘Sanctuary’

If you look at the ‘World Happiness Report’ you will see, that Danes are amongst the happiest people on this planet. If you listen to the new album from Alkymist though you get the impression that the opposite is reality.

Alkymist is based in Copenhagen, Danmark. It was four years ago, when Kaspar Luke (b), Philip Morthorst (d), Stefan Krey (g) and Peter Bjørneg (v) started Alkymist and two years later the debut album stepped out of the dark. With ‘Sanctuary’ the second album is now in line, a dark and harsh record.

Sancturay’ is mainly based on heavy-weight riffs and deep vocals, all embedded in slow rhythms and partly slo-mo tempo. Alkymist’s music stands in deep contrast to the described feelings of happiness, as melancholy and darkness are the band’s main rademarks. In return this is what certainly makes doom metal fans with a blackend soul feel happy.

‘Sanctuary’ is an album, which shines by its intensity. The four danes manage to create sound collages which are dark and melancholic. On the other hand, they also manage to give the whole sound expression a certain lightness every now and then, which makes this longplayer to an interesting journey through varied worlds of gloom. I was impressed by ‘Sanctuary’ and maybe even a little bit of Danish happiness was spilling over to me.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Oethon
  2. The Dead
  3. S.O.Y.
  4. Draugr
  5. Gust of War
  6. Desolated Sky
  7. Astral Haze
  8. Warkeeper

Label: Indisciplinarian

Genre: Blackened Doom Metal

Release Date EU: May 1st, 2020



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