CD review THE SPIRIT CABINET ‘ Bloodlines’

Already the bandname is unusal and also the sound of ‘Bloodlines’ isn’t mainstream either. Dutch metallers The Spirit Cabinet combine traditional Heavy Metal with Doom Metal, not to forget an underlaying psychedelic vibe that resonates with each of the six songs on the new album ‘Bloodlines’.

Snake McRuffkin, Johnny Hällström, Erich Vilsmeier and Cromwell Fleedwood took some time to prepare the new longplayer. Five years after having premiered, ‘Bloodlines’ marks a second step for the band, again done in collaboration with Ván Records.

A song that describes The Spirit Cabinet very well is placed in the middle part of the tracklist. ‘Satan the Healer’ is an illustrious track, reflecting the Doom Metal passion, combined with classic Heavy Metal and outbreaks that can be described as blackened fury. Fascinating is the way the quartet works with bigger soundscapes and intelligent tempo breaks, both adding to the variety needed for an8 minutes epos.

‘Bloodlines’ is my entrypoint when it comes to The Spirit Cabinet and you might have missed the debut too. So what, it’s never too late and ‘Bloodlines’ is a good opportunity to look behind the doors of the ‘spirit cabinet’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Devils in the Details
  2. In Antique Vortex
  3. Satan the Healer
  4. The Medium in the Mask
  5. Subtle Art of Sleep Paralysis
  6. The Celestial Intelligencer

Label: Ván Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: April 24th, 2020



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