CD review WARBRINGER ‘Weapons of Tomorrow’

Californian riff grinders Warbringer recorded their sixth longplayer ‘Weapon of Tomorrow’ fueled by inspiration from the past. The Thrash Metal powerhouse from Ventura builds their sound again on more oldschool Thrash Metal, music with heaviness and groove.

10 new songs pick-up the spirit of the earlier Thrash Metal era, adding a modern to the mix that manifests itself in songs like ‘Glorious End’ . That the quintet has more to offer than just pushing the pedal to the metal is what they show with the seven minutes epos ‘Defiance of Fate’. A fusion of Thrash Metal and Power Metal finds its way out of the speakers, a tune that shows towards the end also some Accept references. Acoustic parts and a moderate pace shine a light on the songwriting capabilites beyond the full force approach only.

If you are looking for full-steam-ahead songs, ‘Weapons of Tomorrow’ doesn’t disappoint either. ‘Unraveling’ and ‘Outer Reaches’ are two of these merciless riff massacres and ‘Notre Dame (King of Fools)’ fires on all cylinders too, although the latter is kept in a slower pace.

‘Weapons of Tomorrow’ became a pretty good Thrash Metal album with which the quintet unleashes a lot of energy and aggressiveness. Equipped with a good level of variation the 10 songs on Warbringer’s new album are a real headbanger’s delight.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Firepower Kills
  2. The Black Hand Reaches Out
  3. Crushed Beneath the Tracks
  4. Defiance of Fate
  5. Unraveling
  6. Heart of Darkness
  7. Power Unsurpassed
  8. Outer Reaches
  9. Notra Dame (King of Fools)
  10. Glorious End

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: April 24th, 2020



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