CD review NEAERA ‘Neaera’

If clicks are one indicator for popularity the first Neaera clip in years, ‘Torchbearer’, is quite impressive. Up to date the video of the song received more than 105,000 clicks which isi quite impressive number, considering that the quintet was in a kind of hibernation over the last years.

‘Torchbearer’ has been the first appetiser of an album that wasn’t a sure thing for a longer time. Prior to the revealing of a new song Neaera announced some live shows of which the legendary Wacken festival and Summer Breeze are just two of and now it’s happening, a new Neaera album.

Simply entitled ‘Neaera’ the Münster-based quintet returns loud and aggressive. The guys, that belong together with Heaven Shall Burn and Caliban to the spearhead of German Metalcore clearly state with the new album that they didn’t lose the ability of writing and recording skull-crushing Metalcore tracks.

After ‘(Un)drowned’, a short intro, paved the way for ‘Neaera’ it’s the massive ‘Catalyst’  being a bold statement of the quintet of not having lost any power during the years of absence. The opposite is the case. The start of the album is so energetic that you could come up with the thought of the last years having been a musical fresh-cell therapy for Neaera. 

The next two songs, ‘False Shepherds’ and ‘Resurrection of Wrath’, continue what ‘Catalyst’ kicked-off – dynamic Metalcore with frontman Benny being in very good voice. It looks like vocal training pays back since his vocals stay aggressive with mighty screams and some growls, just everything one level further up. ‘Carries’ is a next highlight of the album, offering excellent guitar work and a merciless beat. The songs a sonic blast that sounds tight, strong and heavy.

‘Neaera’ doesn’t give you any moment for recovering. ‘Lifeless’ fires on all cylinders and if you hope for ‘Eruption in Reverse’ to be the calmer song on this whirlwind album you will be disappointed. The song has great and melodic guitar parts but is still a massive Metalcore giant. With ‘Deathless’ things come closer to an end. The song is the last one on ‘Neaera’ and can easily handle comparisons with the previous songs on the album.  

‘Neaera’ is the great return of a band that used the years of absence to recover, regroup and return to record an album that is a statement of being back. What exactly this means for the coming months and years is what time will tell. In the meantime it’s all about enjoying this sonic wrecking ball.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


1. (Un)drowned
2. Catalyst
3. False Shepherds
4. Resurrection of Wrath
5. Carriers
6. Rid the Earth of the Human Virus
7. Sunset of Mankind
8. Lifeless
9. Eruption in Reverse
10. Torchbearer
11. Deathless

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date EU: February 28th, 2020



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