CD review MAGIC KINGDOM ‘MetAlmighty’

Belgium guitarist Dushan Petrossi has basically two outlets for his musical creayivity. Iron Mask is one and Magic Kingdom is the other one. The latter releases with ‘MetAlmighty’ a new album as we speak, a longplayer that features an eleven songs comprising setlist.

The guitar wizard is obviously a fan of powerful Metal that’s inspired by the Neo-Classic Metal sounds of Yngwie Malmsteen. Next to that source of influence Magic Kingdom has a solid Power Metal component embedded as well, reflected by songs like ‘Wizards and Witches’. It’s a fast and melodic song with catchy vocals adding a sing-a-long element to the mix. What impresses i specific is the density that comes with the song.

Mentioning density, the sound of ‘MetAlmighty’ is great. There’s a lot of power and dynamic present, strengthening the impact of each of the tunes. The moderate paced ‘Rise From the Ashes, Demon’ is therefor a good example and so is the galloping ‘So Fragile’.

Magic Kingdom is best when they play fast and furious. Ballads like ‘Just a Good Man’ might be needed for such album but it’s the speedy ‘Dark Night, Dark Thoughts’ being a joyful moment on ‘MetAlmighty’.

There are many bands in the fields of Melodic Metal and Magic Kingdom doesn’t have a unique sound. What you can feel though is that the band is fully dedicated. Their heart beat drives these songs and that’s what you can feel throughout.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Unleash The Dragon
  2. Wizards And Witches
  3. In The Den Of The Mountain Trolls
  4. Fear My Fury
  5. Rise From The Ashes, Demon
  6. Metalmighty
  7. So Fragile
  8. Temple Of No Gods
  9. ust A Good Man
  10. Dark Night, Dark Thoughts
  11. King Without A Crown

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Meldic Power Metal

Release Date EU: November 22nd, 2019


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