CD review DAMIAN WILSON ‘Thank You – The Holdsworth Sessions’

(*/10) Can you make yourself a better birthday present when becoming 50 that releasing an EP the same day? Probably not. Damian Wilson is one of the lucky guys that can combine the two. The iconic singer, amongst others know from his time with Threshold, releases a new EP simply entitled ‘Thank You – The Holdsworth Sessions’.

Produced by Andrew Holdsworth the EP marks Wilson’s return to a more classical approach. As with ‘Just the Way it Goes’ Wilson and Holdsworth go back to vocals, piano, violin and cello. ‘Thank You – The Holdsworth Sessions’ is a very personal release with songs that addresses losses.

The title track is basically about Wilson’s boat, his home, before it sunk in the way to Cropredy festival. Furthermore a break-up is the base for ‘Let Me Down Shortly’ and also ‘Can You Hear Me’ and ‘ Until I’m With You’ are highly emotional songs.

‘Thank You – The Holdsworth Sessions’ is an EP done by a singer that shows all his vulnerability and emotionality. It’s a heart-breaking release that’s touching from start to end.


  1. Thank You
  2. Let Me Down Slowly
  3. God Be My Judge
  4. Until I’m With You
  5. Can You Hear Me

Label: Blacklake

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Release Date EU: October 11th, 2019



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