CD review IQ ‘Resistance’

(8/10) British Prog Rock pioneers IQ are back with a new album entitled ‘Resistance’. The band, formed by guitarist Mike Holmes in 1981, belongs to the icons of progressive music from the UK and numerous terrific longplayers speaks to the power of IQ’s music. With ‘Resistance’ Holmes and bandmates add a next chapter to the successful IQ story.

Five years after ‘The Road to Bones’ saw the light of day it is ‘Resistance’ that delivers almost two hours of exquisite Prog Rock. Eleven songs are spread over two CD’s with three of the eleven tunes being 15 minutes and longer, showcasing the creativity and musical expertise of Holmes and bandmates.

It’s not an easy thing to pick some of the songs, since they are all equally good. Therefor let’s have a look on the shortest and the longest track on the album. ‘Alampandria’ is with three minutes short and great. It’s more of an interlude, an atmospheric sound collage with some vocal parts in the second half. The dark vibe that comes with the song is intense and reminds of bands like Pink Floyd.

The opener of CD two is ‘The Great Spirit Way’, a composition that’s with nearly 22 minutes longer than some full-length records these days. Nicholl’s great voice and Holmes excellent guitar play are the main pillars of this epos. Neil Durant’s keyboards create a beautiful base for the song and it’s the rhythm section with Paul Cook and Tim Essau delivering the heartbeat. Although coming with many twist and some layers IQ never puts their individual musical capabilities in focus. The quintet uses those for performing songs with an emotional impact. Musical prowess as a mean and not as an ego-trip, is what ‘Resistance’ is all about. It’s tough, if not impossible, to resist listening to this album.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


Disc 1

01. A Missile
02. Rise
03. Stay Down
04. Alampandria
05. Shallow Bay
06. If Anything
07. For Another Lifetime

Disc 2

01. The Great Spirit Way
02. Fire And Security
03. Perfect Space
04. Fallout

Label: Giant Electric Pea

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: September 27th, 2019



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