CD review ORM ‘Ir’

(8/10) Minimalistic when it comes to the amount of songs and maximizing intensity on the other hand is how the new longplayer of Danish Black metal outfit Orm can be described best. The band, formed in 2015, worked on their sophomore album, following the 2017 debut and the result will be available in stores end of August.

‘Ir’ is the title of an album that includes two songs only. And both can be seen as compositions. Orm adds an epic aspect to Black Metal, leading to songs beyond 20 minutes pf length. ‘Klippens Lyse Hal’ (‘The Light Hall of the Cliff’) and ‘Bær Solen Ud’ (‘Carry out the Sun’) combines raging Black Metal blasts with Norwegian roots and almost cinematic soundscapes.

‘Ir’ is about contrasts and counterparts. Peaceful moments are followed by diabolic outbursts. Simplicity is gaining weight by the complexity of other sections, all going together as a total very well.

Besides all the musical savvy it’s the emotional aspect that’s covered by ‘Ir’ very well. Orm paints a picture of shades of grey and black. Melancholy and grief is the general atmosphere, also based on the overarching theme of losing a loved one. Sadness and the wish of overcoming it is the theme of the album and it’s touching listeners.

‘Ir’ is an album that’s hard to describe. This longplayer and its embedded details needs to be explored and experienced. ‘In’ isn’t mainstream at all and has, by its variety, the potential to reach a wider group of metalheads than Black Metal fans only. Orm adds with ‘Ir’ a next chapter to their discography, a record that basically ends summer and prepares for the upcoming greyish autumn.



  1. Klippens Lyse Hal
  2. Bær Solen Ud

Label: Indisciplinarian

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: August 30th, 2019



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