(7/10) German Melodic Metal experts did and do something right, since two decades in business speaks for solid fan base and a lot of passion. Mainman Chris Bay debuted with his band in 1999 and since then eight additional longplayers followed.

The newest longplayer comes with a promising title. ‘M.E.T.A.L.’ that’s what the album is called and we need to have a closer look into how this resonates with the songs on this record.

‘M.E.T.A.L.’ comes with eleven songs, all done in the typical Freedom Call fashion. The Metal veterans, hailing from Nuernberg, stick to what they can do best – extremely catchy Metal songs covered by some sugar coating.

‘111’ marks the starting point and reflects the hymnic approach Freedom Call chose also for the newest strike. Melody rules and songs like ‘One Step Into Wonderland’ are the prefect example. It’s not easy to resist those melodies. Although you might be in favor of razor-blade sharp riffs and brutal beats it’s the hooks of Freedom Call songs that put a spell on you.

The moments that are more convincing are the ones with less sugar. The uptempo ‘Spirit of Daedalus’ is one of them and the uptempo smasher ‘Ronin’ puts heaviness more into the focus-point too.

A special moment on the album is the title track. No less than founding member Daniel Zimmermann contributed with drums, together and in parallel with Kevin Kott, Freedom Call’s live drummer that can be heard on the new album.

There are longplayers that are certainly more ‘metal’ than ‘M.E.T.A.L.’. However, the four Bavarians deliver to expectation and seriously, who though that they would deviate from their success formula?



  1. 111
  2. Spirit of Daedalus
  3. M.E.T.A.L.
  4. Ace of the Unicorn
  5. Sail Away
  6. Fly With Us
  7. One Step Into Wonderland
  8. Days of Glory
  9. Wheel of Time
  10. Ronin
  11. Sole Surivor

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: August 23rd, 2019



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