CD review TWILIGHT FORCE ‘Dawn of the Dragonstar’

(8/10) The more bands are busy with image, gimmicks and storytelling the higher is the risk of being distracted from paying attention to their music. In some cases this distraction is planned/welcomed but not in this specific case of Swedish dragon chasers Twilight Force.

Three years after the six guys from Falun released ‘Heroes of Mighty Magic’ the band is back with ‘Dawn of the Dragonstar’ and it’s again dragons, wizards and mythical stories being the conceptual base of Twilight Force’s music.

The new longplayer is the second one that comes via Nuclear Blast Records and ten songs taking you into a mystic world with six ‘guides’ accompanying you on this musical journey. Allyon, Lynd, Born, Blackwald, De ‘AAzsh and Aerendir are Twilight Force, guys bringing you nearer to the world of the dragonstar.

But next to all that it’s the music that should leave an impression too. In this case it does although the six Swedes doesn’t start with ‘Dawn of the Dragonstar’ a sonic revolution. Symphonic Power Metal is what the new album contains, a logical continuation of what started back in 2014 with the band’s debut. Rhapsody Of Fire certainly delivered the blueprint for Twilight Force who interprets this sound very well though.

Songs like the uptempo ‘Queen of Eternity’ show the potential of the band. A dense sound, bigger arcs of melodies and a cinematic sound is what characterizes the song and ‘Dawn of the Dragonstar’ in general. To highlight in this context is their new singer Allyon with his first appearance on a Twilight Force album. Alessandro Conti, his name in the real world, is gifted and his voice fits perfectly to Twilight Force’s music.

As a matter of fact an album with such a theatrical approach can’t just end with a regular song. It’s something big that needs to be the grande final and the album is equipped with such a bombastic ending. It is the 12 minutes long ‘Blade of Immortal Steel’ that units all Twilight Force has in their offer and acts as a musical fireworks at the end.

To sum up: ‘Dawn of the Dragonstar’ is a well-crafted album with attention to detail. Music and lyrical concept are balanced and in line, a fact that makes this longplayer to an entertaining way of spending 60 minutes of your lifetime (at least if you listen to it just once). ‘Twilight Force delivers to expectation, no doubt.



  1. Dawn Of The Dragonstar
  2. Thundersword
  3. Long Live The King
  4. With The Light Of A Thousand Suns
  5. Winds Of Wisdom
  6. Queen Of Eternity
  7. Valley Of The Vale
  8. Hydra
  9. Night Of Winterlight
  10. Blade Of Immortal Steel

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal

Release Date EU: August 16th, 2019



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