CD review H.E.A.T ‘Live at Sweden Rock Festival’

(*/10) Rock fans at Sweden Rock 2018 were well disposed to Swedish H.E.A.T that performed a show the festival. It was a home game for the band, hailing from Upplands Väsby, a moment in their career they used very well.

After having added five studio longplayer to the books it was ‘Live in London’ being the bands live album debut. Four years later fans can enjoy the second live release, captured in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

The focus was on the latest album ‘Tearing Down the Walls’ and ‘Into the Great Unknown’. As not expected differenty H.E.A.T ignites a Melodic Rock fireworks. It’s a great party vibe that forges ahead. It’s H.E.A.T’s frontman Erik Grönwall being the entertainer and it’s the catchiness of the songs that conduct to a successful show. The band was in such a flow that the end came far too early with the Swedish Rock Festival production staff reminding them during the closer ‘A Shot of Redemption’ to slowly round of the gig.

What’s a bit of a downer is the fact that the little speeches in between are done in Swedish. Although the festival takes place in Sweden the festival audience is usually international and so are the fans who are supposed to buy this release. At least a mixture of English/Swedish would have been a nice extra for sure.

What’s new with this release is the fact that it also comes as DVD/BluRay. The format gives a good idea of what to expect of an energetic H.E.A.T show, a concert that’s fueled by a positive vibe and a great party atmosphere. ‘Live at Sweden Rock Festival’ is a well-done compilation that brings a well-done rock show right to your living room as well as it brings back memories for the ones witnessing the concert.



  1. Bastard of Society
  2. Late Night Lady
  3. Mannequin Show
  4. Redefined
  5. Heartbreaker
  6. Shit City
  7. Beg Beg Beg
  8. Tearing Down the Walls
  9. Eye of the Storm
  10. Emergency
  11. Inferno
  12. Living on the Run
  13. A Shot of Redemption

Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: July 26th, 2019



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