CD review FOREIGNER ‘Foreigner – Live at the Rainbow ’78’

(*/10) There are several Foreigner live albums and compilations out there, containing the biggest hits of the pioneers of Hard Rock. With all these releases available it’s ‘Foreigner – Live at the Rainbow ’78’ that is still special and an addition to any well-sorted Rock collection.

The legendary band played a concert at Rainbow Theatre in London on April 27th, 1978, a gig that was captured in its entirety. At the time the band just released their debut and it’s timeless classics like ‘Cold as Ice’ and ‘Starrider’ reflecting a starting point of a band that grew to one of the most important once in Rock, not to forget the impressive elven minutes version of ‘Headknocker’.

In addition to all the great songs taken from the debut it’s “Hot Blooded’ and ‘Double Vision’ that have been performed live, a few weeks before the sophomore album saw the light of day.

‘Foreigner – Live at the Rainbow ’78’ was taken from the original tapes and went through a new mix and mastering. The result is an impressive album that documents the energetic start of a band, a concert that’s performed in the classic Foreigner line-up. This release is definitely intersting for collectors, but also fans of down-to-earth Rock music will enjoy these excellent Rock songs unveiled on a nostalgic live album.



  1. Long, Long Way From Home
  2. I Need You
  3.  Woman Oh Woman
  4. Hot Blooded
  5. The Damage Is Done
  6. Cold As Ice
  7. Starrider
  8. Double Vision
  9. Feels Like The First Time
  10. Fool For You Anyway
  11. At War With The World
  12. Headknocker

Label: Rhino/Warner Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: July 12th, 2019 (digital version already released)



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