CD review HEILUNG ‘Futha’

(*/10) Heilung is a band that’s special. The German/Danish trio doesn’t play Metal nor they are into Rock. Still Heilung found and finds many fans in the Metal scene and it’s more than the unusual stage performance only, that creates an interest. Maybe it’s the mystical vibe, the Nordic inheritance or the generally dark expression that opens Heilung’s sound to metalheads.

Heilung is the German word for ‘healing’ and listening to ‘Futha’ has a healing component if you will. More than once I was reminded of the hypnotic sounds of medicine men while listening to songs like the 10 minutes ‘Galgldr’, a track that starts with a quite angry voice telling a story in an ancient language.

‘Futha’ contains nine songs, leading to an album that’s not easy to grasp. Heilung’s music is rooted in ancient times. With utilising constant repetitions the trio achieves a meditative atmosphere and trance-like mood throughout, which puts a spell on you.

Heilung is a rather new band. The guys started in 2014 and premiered in 2015 with ‘Ofnir’, which was according to the band a very masculine album. The sophomore longplayer ‘Futha’ is meant to be a counterpart to the debut, having a more female expression and it’s Maria Franz’ vocals that certainly support this ambition.

‘Futha’ is an album that is beyond any rating. As mentioned earlier, it’s neither Rock nor Metal. Still – it is a fascinating collage of iron age and Viking sounds . ‘Fultha’ is build on mythology, spirituality and Nordic inheritance. It’s an album that is for sure fascinating and it’s definitely no record for headbangers.



  1. Galgaldr
  2. Norupo
  3. Othan
  4. Traust
  5. Vapnatak
  6. Svanrand
  7. Elivagar
  8. Elddansurin
  9. Hamrer Hippyer

Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Neo/Folk

Release Date EU: June 28th, 2019


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