CD review TERAMAZE ‘Are We Soldiers’

(8/10) The foundation of Teramaze was laid in 1993 when guitarist Dean Wells kicked-off this Progressive Metal outfit. The band’s hailing from Melbourne., Australia and the guys faced some ups and downs over the last years. Even a split-up in 2002 is a part of Teramze history and it was the band leader himself that revitalized Teramaze again in 2006.

Also some line-up changes during all these years didn’y contribute to consistence. It’s a surprise that under all these circumstances it’s a surprise the Peramzae managed to release four full-length records with ‘Are We Soldiers’ being the fifth ‘element’ from Down Under.

The new longplayer, the first one for Mascot Label Group, consists of well-executed Progressive Metal spread out over 70 minutes. With songs like ‘Control Conquer Collide’ the band shows some parallels with legendary Dream Theater without being a copycat. The Prog kings from NYC are more of an inspiration for Teramaze. Multi-layered songs, being complex and equipped with good melodies are a treat for everyone’s ears.

Teramaze always adds a good groove the their songs, tunes like ‘Orwellian Times’. With ‘Depopulate’ the album also includes an 11 minutes epos at the end as a Grande Finale if you will. The song shows the entire potential of Teramze, combining massive sections, blistering riffs and soulful moments in the middle section.

‘Are We Soldiers’ is a great proof of work. The Australian sextet recorded an album that might not be ahead of the game but doesn’t need to be afraid of competition either.



  1. Fight or Flight
  2. Are We Soldiers
  3. Control Conquer Collide
  4. From Saviour to Assassin
  5. Orwellian Times
  6. M.O.N.S.T.E.R.S.
  7. Weight of Humanity
  8. Fact Resistant Human
  9. The One Percent Disarm
  10. Depopulate

Label: Mascot Label Group

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: June 21st, 2019



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