CD review MAJESTY ‘Legends’

(6/10) ‘Rebels’ become ‘Legends’, at least when you have a look on the last two releases of German Melodic Metal band Majesty. Now, you can question how rebellious ‘Rebels’ is and you can also ask yourself of ‘Legends’ will reach a legendary status in Heavy Metal.

‘Legends’ is Majesty’s ninth album and it carries songs like the pounding ‘We Are Legends’ and ‘Mavericks Supreme’ songs, combining good riffs with attracting melodies. ‘Last Brigade’ fires on all cylinders too but unfortunately not all eleven songs follow this approach.

Next to these brighter moments on ‘Legends’ the new album also includes with ‘Words of Silence’ a petty ballad, taken right off the shelf. And there is ‘Burn the Bridges’, sounding like a children’s song with some harder guitars and keyboards that are far too sticky and melodies are far too trivial.

‘Legends’ comes with a good sound though helping the songs to shine a bit brighter, but if a solid production and a handful of good songs is enough to become a ‘legend’ is what the future needs to show.



1. The Will To Believe
2. Rizing Home
3. Burn The Bridges
4. We Are Legends
5. Wasteland Outlaw
6. Church Of Glory
7. Mavericks Supreme
8. Words Of Silence
9. Last Brigade
10. Blood Of The Titans
11. Stand As One

Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: June 28th, 2019



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