CD review WALKWAYS ‘Bleed Out, Heal Out’

(7/10) 2018 was the year when I took notice of Walkways for the very first time. The band got the opening slot for In Flames and toured with the Swedish metal powerhouse through Europe. I could witness the show in Utrecht and I have to say that the band from tel Aviv, Israel left a good impression.

Already during this show the band mentioned that they’re working on their sophomore album and here it is. ‘Bleed Out, Heal Out’ is Walkways second strike. It carries 14 songs in total and provides the listener with almost one hour of Alternative Metal including some sidestep.

Modern riffing and a powerful groove are two pillars of this album that also features well-done vocals by frontman Ran Yerushalmi. His voice as well as the songs on the album features a wide range of sounds – from melodic and fragile to loud and heavy. Sometimes, like with ‘Trumpet Call’, it’s even metalcore outbursts that interact with those calm moment. In a wider sense the band was a perfect choice for supporting In Flames since there’s for certain an overlap of sounds.

‘Bleed Out, Heal Out’ is technically seen a good record and it’s equipped with a great sound with Jens Bogren having been responsible for mix and mastering. What’s missing are a few songs that stand out, tracks the creates this jaw-dropping wow moment. However, we shouldn’t forget that it’s just album number two and things can evolve. The potential is there, for sure.



  1. Till The End
  2. Hell Born Shove (Impossible)
  3. Despair (For Heaven’s Sake)
  4. Half The Man I Am
  5. Trumpet Call
  6. Levitate
  7. Bleed Out Heal Out
  8. You Found Me
  9. Unbearable Days
  10. Enough
  11. Humane Beings
  12. Care (In This Together)
  13. Thank You
  14. Bone Deep

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: June 14th, 2019



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