Live photo report HEIR APPARENT & SAD IRON, Musicon, Den Haag – 10.06.2019

It was Saturday, June 8th at Rock Hard Festival when I had the first chance to witness a show of legendary Heir Apparent and today is the second time within two days. Sometimes the road of life is strange. 

Opening act today is a local band. Sad Iron hails  from Hoorn in the Northern parts of The Netherlands and get the chance to present in a 50 minutes set what they have in the offer, including some songs of their newest release. The guys play a solid set featuring classic Heavy Metal, rooted in the early ‘80s, the years when the band started. The guys used the momentum to open for Heir Apparent, no doubt.

Heir Apparent opens with a classic. ‚The Servant’, taken from the iconic ‘Graceful Inheritance’ debut is the starting point for a nearly 2 hours trip through Progressive Metal. The scenery today at Musicon differs dramatically from Rock Hard Festival. Was it a few thousand metalheads that cheered for the band on Saturday afternoon, it’s much less fans today in Den Haag. Amazing though that fans at Musicon are louder and it’s a fan with some high pitch screams that challenges frontman Will Shaw.

Heir Apparent puts a focus on the debut. Ten songs of ‚Graceful Inheritance‘ are the core of the The Hague show and it goes without saying that each of them is a classic. The entire Musicon sing along the chorus of ‚Tear Down the Walls‘  and it’s during ‚R.I.P.‘ when frontman Will Shaw joined the fans in front of the stage, enjoying has bandmates performing the iconic instrumental. 

20 songs and almost 2 hours of Progressive Metal ended far too early. I guess that if you would have asked the fans, Heir Apparent could have continued playing forever. The Musicon hosted a great band that made history and still does. Amazing.

Location: Musicon, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Date: June 10th, 2019

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