CD review VADER ‘Thy Messenger’ – EP

(9/10) Vader is for sure an important pillar in Polish Heavy Metal and a strong player to Metal in general. 14 albums are the offer from the quartet with ‘Dark Age’ being the so far latest longplayer. ‘Dark Age’ started to spread its deadly Metal in 2017 and since work on the next longplayer still takes a few months’ time, Vader decided to shorten the wait with an EP.

‘Thy Message’ is this new mini album, a release that carries five songs. The four-piece band added news songs to the tracklist, all infernal Death Metal anthems with a lot of hellish vigor. ‘Grand Deceiver’, the opener, is a sonic war machine and it’s ‘Emptiness’ that adds a sinister groove to this release. Next to the new songs the EP also features a new and brutal version of ‘Litany’, the title track of Vader’s 5th album.

‘Thy Messenger’ finishes off with a cover version. The Polish powerhouse shows their appreciation for bands of the NWoBHM, covering the legendary Metal anthem ‘Steeler’. This version of Judas Priest’s smasher is an excellent interpretation since Vader’s version includes still a lot of Halford & Co. which is combined with the deadly firepower that’s usually created by Vader. This song makes appetite for more.

‘Thy Messenger’ is the harbinger when it come to Vader’s next full-length album and this album flags that it will become great longplayer.



  1. Grand Deceiver
  2. Litany
  3. Emptiness
  4. Despair
  5. Steeler

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: May 31st, 2019



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