Review BODYFARM ‘Ultimate Abomination’

Death metal from The Netherlands, that stands for quality and a brute sound. Bands like God Dethroned and Asphyx established act from Holland and the same goes for Amersfoort-based Bodyfarm.

The quartet unchained their debut album ‘Malevolence’ in 2012 and released in toal four longplayers to date. With ‘Ultimate Abomination’ the next album is waiting in line and for another time, brutal death metal is what fans can expect from the band.

Bram Hilhorst is the only remaining founding member of the band and is the driving force. With David Schermann that album also features the band’s new drummer, providing each of the ten songs with a massive punch.

Bodyfarm takes no prisoners on ‘Ultimate Abomination’. Blistering guitars is what define the massive opener ‘Torment’. This album has the filigree of a bulldozer and rams down everything in its way. Furious and wild, that is how the album continues with ‘Symbolic Warefare’ and also ‘The Wicked Red’ doesn’t put the brakes on. Although the band reduces the pace a bit and puts a groove more into the spotlight ‘The Wicked Red’ doesn’t lose anything when it comes to the aggressiveness of the album.

The same goes for ‘The Swamp’. After a kind of introduction, it’s a wall of riffs is that starts the song. Equipped with a slower pace the song crawls into your ears and mind. ‘The Swamp’ is the masterpiece of the album since it doesn’t rely solely on speed but also provides tempo breaks that impress. And there is a chorus that blasts out of the speakers heavy and deadly.

Also to mention is ‘Soul Damnation’. It’s a straight-to-the-point song without frills and other distractions.

Bodyfarm’s newest strike is another milestone in Dutch death metal history. The band delivers a fierce and savage longplayer that will help them to establish their position in European death metal. ‘Ultimate Abomination’ is a blast from the west and you shouldn’t miss it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Torment         
  2. Symbolical Warfare               
  3. The Wicked Red         
  4. Blasting Tyranny       
  5. The Swamp    
  6. Carving Repentance              
  7. Empire of Iniquity                  
  8. Soul Damnation                    
  9. Sacrilege of the Fallen           
  10. Charlatan Messiah

Label: Edged Circle

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2023




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