Review ZSK ‘Hass/Liebe’

ZSK is a German punk rock band, hailing from Göttingen. The guys started back in 1997 and unleashed a demo the same year. Nowadays ZSK belongs to the established bands when it comes to punk rock with a noticeable number of releases over the last 25 years.

The second era of the band began in 2011 when the guys ended a four-year hiatus and returned with their new drummer Matthias.

As not expected differently, ZSK doesn’t only follow their passion for music. The band also puts a lot of effort into the lyrics of their songs, addressing all kinds of topics – from xenophobia to social injustice and the sheer endless global consumption and commerce.

All the mentioned finds also a spot on the newest album of ZSK. ‘Hass und Liebe’ is the title of this release that feature 13 meaningful punk rock songs. Hereby the band makes use of some catchy melodies like in ‘Scheißtyp’. The song has an almost pop-like expression, and it is Romana Aufinger who shares vocals with ZSK frontman Joshi.

‘Hipster’ instead is a powerful punk rock anthem about friends that follow a different motto, followed by ‘Beratungsresistent’ which is a raging punk rocker against people, sticking to the known while dooming everything in the unknown.

Next to these songs ‘Hass/Liebe’ also has the hopeful moments. ‘Ich liebe das Leben’ is such a song. Not only that the music carries a positive vibe. It is the entire package that is a statement for enjoying life although it might be tough from time to time. A similar message is what ‘Bleib einfach wie du bist‘. The songs about being yourself, regardless of what others think or say. Remain true to yourself.

‘Himmel’ is a furious song that comes like a punch in the face. Aggressive sounds and a sense for melodies in the chorus is what qualifies the song for a potential live anthem. The track grew out of the consternation of war that happens in Europe in 2022. And there is the title track, addressing the toxic relation with the digital world. But there is also the aspect of being different embedded. Nothing is just black or white. Life and people are more faceted than just two poles.

The finale of the album is named ‘Und ich höre dich atmen’. It’s an acoustic tune that finishes off the album, a release that makes fun and at the same time encourages own thoughts about topics that are relevant these days.

‘Hass/Liebe’ is a powerful and vibrant punk rock album and fits perfectly into the ZSK discography. And as it is often with music – an album is good and live is even better. The ones of you that want to experience the energy of ZSK live on stage can check out the dates of the upcoming shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Darwin
  2. Ich liebe dieses Leben
  3. Neuanfang
  4. Scheisstyp
  5. Glück
  6. Hipster
  7. Beratungsresistent
  8. Bleib einfach wie du bist
  9. Tränen, Schweiß, Blut
  10. Stärker als die Angst
  11. Himmel
  12. HassLiebe
  13. Ich höre dich atmen

Label: Hamburg Records

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: Februar 10th, 2023




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