Review OBITUARY ‘Dying of Everything’

It was already indicated with the launch of ‘The Wrong Time’ about a month ago; Obituary are back. And not only that the death metal legend presents a new album – it’s the vehemence of the song that demands all from amps and speakers.

The five-piece from Tampa, Florida is one of the best that American metal has generated and it is albums like ‘Cause of Death’ and ‘The End Complete’ that have brought the band to the Olympus of death metal. In fact, it was Obituary that did their part to establish an entire genre and significantly influence the American sound of death metal. With the guys from Florida one can speak without a doubt of forerunners in metal.

Even if in the course of time the periods between the albums became longer, the veterans of death metal have always managed to bring excellent records to people’s homes. With ‘Dying of Everything’ the quintet continues this tradition these days and delivers the first brutal masterpiece of the new year.

From the first note, and I mean that literally, Obituary put everything they have to offer into the scale. Without warning ‘Barely Alive’ hits you straight in the face. No intro or anything like that is what distracts the start of ‘Dying of Everything’. Rather, the band goes right into the full swing and sets the standard for this record with the opener. Fast and relentless ‘Barely Alive’ has the power of an uncontrolled freight train, before the previously mentioned ‘The Wrong Time’ pulls everyone into its spell with a deadly groove.

Photo: Tim-Hubbard

With ‘Without a Conscience’ comes the next steam hammer. This colossus rolls slowly and mercilessly into the listeners mind with a wall of riffs in the middle section like I only Obituary can pen. Anyone who doesn’t automatically start headbanging here should certainly look for another type of music.

‘War’ is a typical Obituary anthem which leads over to the title track. The song is fast and to the point. No prisoners are taken here. The track is like a raging fever dream with furious solos and a massive working rhythm section.

Groove, that’s what’s at the forefront of ‘My Will to Live’ and the thundering ‘Weaponize the Hate’, while the closing ‘Be Warned’ is with almost six minutes of playing time one of the special moments on the album. While the band still shows its frantic side on ‘Torn Apart’, Obituary slows the pace dramatically on ‘Be Warned’. A mixture of death and doom metal is creeping out of the speakers, in the beginning at a snail’s pace. The song proves that metallic malevolence has nothing to do with speed. ‘Be Warned’ opens the gate of hell and fascinates with its catching harshness. Slow rhythms, howling guitars and deep growls make the listener shiver and at the same time represent the grande finale of an album that death metal fans will love.

Obituary enthusiasts had to wait six long years for this album and ‘Dying of Everything’ shows that quality also needs time. What the five-piece from Florida delivers here is death metal at its best. Obituary have not lost their spirit throughout all these years. The guys go to work with the same ruthlessness as in the early 90s; only that these days a lot of experience is added, which makes the overall result an exceptional death metal album, which does not need to shy away from the comparison with the early works.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Barely Alive    
  2. The Wrong Time        
  3. Without a Conscience
  4. War    
  5. Dying of Everything   
  6. My Will to Live          
  7. By the Dawn  
  8. Weaponize the Hate 
  9. Torn Apart     
  10. Be Warned

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2023




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