Live report ELUVEITIE, AMORPHIS, DARK TRANQUILLITY & NAILED TO OBSCURITY, Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg – December 17th, 2022

Today’s musical journey takes us from Germany via Sweden to Finland and ends in Switzerland. Well, actually the way leads to Hamburg’s Große Freiheit 36, the location where four well known bands celebrate the end of a one month lasting tour. Translating the countries into bands, it means that tonight we will see Nailed To Obscurity, Dark Tranquillity, Amorphis and Eluveitie.

Originally the concert was planned to take place in the Zeltharmonie, but due to production reasons it was moved to the legendary Große Freiheit 36, the venue where after a change of ownership live music is slowly coming back.

Unusual, especially for a show on a Saturday, is the early start of the event. Germany’s death-doom metal hotshots Nailed To Obscurity have to take the stage at 17.00 already. Among other things, a cancelled S-Bahn made it impossible for me to see the guys live, but according to eyewitnesses, the band from Lower Saxony put on a rock-solid metal show and got the already well-filled Große Freiheit 36 in the right spirit.

When I enter the venue, the intro for Dark Tranquillity already starts. Somehow this band accompanies me through the year 2022, as it was in April that the band played a headlining show in Hamburg’s Markthalle (by the way with Nailed To Obscurity as support act), one of the first live concerts in 2022. And now the band is back on stage at the end of this year. That many metalheads are on site especially for Dark Tranquillity is shown by the atmosphere in the pretty packed room. The band is welcomed with enthusiastic applause and in terms of atmosphere you get the impression that here is a headliner on stage. Songs like ‘Terminus (Where Death is Most Alive’, ‘Atoma’ and the closing ‘Misery’s Crown’ are celebrated to the fullest and it speaks volumes that loud shouts of “we want more” resound after the last notes of ‘Misery’s Crown’ have faded away. In the tightly scheduled timing though, the band can not meet the request, which is a pity for all involved.

However, the small disappointment quickly softens as Amorphis enter the stages as co-headliners of this tour. With ‘Northwards’ and ‘On the Dark Waters’ the band has put two songs from the latest album ‘Halo’ at the top of the setlist. Hardness, melody and Finnish originality meet in perfection in these songs. In addition to the dark light, which brings the Scandinavian winter night visually into the Große Freiheit, these songs directly bring momentum into the crowd.

Amorphis offer a great overview of their creative output, which of course includes two songs from the milestone album ‘Tales From the Thousand Lakes’ too. Both, ‘Into Hiding’ and ‘Black Winter Day’ are gratefully received by the fans and one can conclude that Amorphis fans would have definitely appreciated to hear one or the other additional song of the Finns. Otherwise the thunderous applause at the end of the set cannot be explained.

The last band is Eluveitie, who enter the stage after a 30-minute intermission. Even though the stage in the Große Freiheit is not exactly small, it gets crowded, as nine musicians have to find their spot. The headliner delivers a solid show and is enthusiastically welcomed by the front-row fans, but the atmosphere doesn’t come close to Amorphis and Dark Tranquillity.

Moreover, the rows clear a bit and it’s amazing how many fans flow towards the dressing room already during the last song of the regular set.

From the latest output ‘Ategnatos’ to the classic ‘Inis Mona’ Eluveitie deliver a well put together setlist, which however also raises a question. With almost an hour and a half of playing time, it is always questionable why an extensive guitar solo and a drum solo have to find a place in the set or whether two more songs would not have been better. However, if you look at the numerous phones filming the drum solo, it seems that there are definitely supporters of such interludes. Nevertheless, those interrupt the flow, which is at least not beneficial, especially on this evening.

All in all, the evening can be described as very entertaining. All bands gave everything they still had in the tank and you can sense that everyone is now happy to have some time to take a deep breath after an exciting metal year. In this spirit: ‘Heavy Christmas everybody’.

Setlist Eluveitie

  1. Exile of the Gods
  2. Nil (Reloaded)
  3. Deathwalker
  4. Epona
  5. Anu
  6. A Rose for Epona
  7. Thousandfold (Reloaded)
  8. Ambiramus
  9. Drum Solo
  10. King
  11. Breathe
  12. De Ruef vo de Bärge / The Call of the Mountains
  13. Aidus (encore)
  14. Ategnatos (encore)
  15. Inis Mona (encore)

Setlist Amorphis

  1. Northwards
  2. On the Dark Waters
  3. Death of a King
  4. Silver Bride
  5. Into Hiding
  6. Wrong Direction
  7. The Moon
  8. Seven Roads Come Together
  9. Black Winter Day
  10. My Kantele
  11. The Bee
  12. House of Sleep

Setlist Dark Tranquillity

  1. Identical to None
  2. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
  3. What Only You Know
  4. Atoma
  5. Nothing to No One
  6. Cathode Ray Sunshine
  7. Hours Passed in Exile
  8. Phantom Days
  9. Misery’s Crown

Location: Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany

Date: December 17th, 2022

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